The possible post-election political scenario of Myanmar politics

While thinking about the post-election political scenario of Myanmar politics, I suddenly visualized a vision:
We have repeatedly seen in the movies about a hostage held at the gun point from the back have to smile and say the exact words dictated by the hostage taker to the outside people directly or on the telephone or on video camera.

If Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had successfully won the confidence and trust of the Myanmar Military Generals…they may let her win the Election and form the government. Generals may use her as the HUMAN-SHIELD from the UN, ICC, US led West and OIC’s attacks.
Generals may let her go around the world as a FIGURE-HEAD to solicit aids and investments. But Min Aung Hlaing and Lt. General Ko Ko will continue to call the shots and do the real governing the country.
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi may just need to change some excuses, from the present “I have no power to do” to “Slow and Steady, it takes time, you cannot get to have clear pure drinking water just after digging the well…blur blur blur…
She will continue to ignore the Islamophobic Hate Mongers, allow to continue the Racist Criminal Ma Ba Tha and even Swarn Arr Shins. Rohingya issue, just the temporary new cards and tried to put on the back burner. Ethnic minorities’ demand for Federal Union and real peace process with rebels…another conference in a slow motion.

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