We need to try and believe that if we dare to try and pray to Allah swt. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…In Sya Allah

If we dare to write politely to the relevant authority, In Sya Allah, we could get what we want. There is a saying “The crying baby gets the milk”. But it must be doing the right thing, politely at the right time, right person and with valid reasons.

About five years ago, my daughter finished the House Officer training in HKL, her first child was only 4 month old and her husband was working in University Malaya Medical Centre but she was posted to a rural clinic in Johore State as a Medical Officer.

Although we managed to get an appointment letter from the UPM student and Staff clinic for her to work as a Medical Office, Malaysian Health Ministry refused to allow her to work there. This rule is according to usual procedure where even Malaysian citizens or even Bumiputra Malays or even Malaysian Specialists are required to work under the Ministry of Health AS A NATIONAL SERVICE. After that compulsory service for about 4-5 yrs only they are allowed to work under other Ministries such as Education Ministry or at Private Practitioners. (Nowadays under the special TalentCorp’s arrangement selected expatriates are allowed the exemption.) Foreign doctors with at least FIVE YEARS’ service after graduation only are employed in Malaysia.

One morning, just as the General Election was not very far, on the front page of the local newspapers there were news to win over the heart and minds of the Malaysians. That was Malaysian Government Transformation Plan or GTP, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) and Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department’s public complaints beuro’s announcement of inviting people to report the RED TAPES in various Government offices up to Ministry levels.

So I decided to complain to them:

  1. YB Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, in charge of unity and performance management. He was in charge of YAB PM Datuk Sri Najib’s Government Transformation Programme (GTP).
  2. YB Dato’ SriIdris Jala, former Minister without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Department and chief executive officer of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu).
  3. Former Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department, in charge of public complaints
  4. Former DPM and Education Minister YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

I started with the fact that present PM YAB Datuk Sri Najib as a DPM had previously stated on the front of the newspapers that he would grant citizenship to the illegal immigrants, if they could study and become Medical Doctors.

That was followed by the TalentCorp which is campaigning to attract back the Malaysian Professionals working abroad. They stated once that if Malaysian Professionals bring in their spouses, their spouses would be allowed to work in Malaysia. And later as the spouses they would be entitled to PR and Citizenship.

Then I started to state that my daughter migrated to Malaysia at the age of about 3 yrs, got the Medical degree and married to Malay Muslim Bumiputra Medical Doctor. But her citizenship application was not yet approved and so she was still a Myanmar national. As she finished her House Office training post of two years, she is qualified to work as a Medical Officer. As a Permanent Residence (PR or Red IC) holder, according to the international laws and Malaysian laws, she had the right to work legally anywhere in Malaysia.

Ministry of Health has the right to force its citizens to work for them for 4-5 yrs but they have no right to force my Myanmar citizen daughter to work for them. I stated that as they and Malaysian government had not given any scholarship oe support to my daughter, they should compensate and pay me back the private education fees I had spent by taking loans from the bank.

And I wrote that I am not selfishly asking the Ministry of Health to allow my daughter to work in private clinics but to work under Ministry of Education. Health Ministry should not be selfish but should allow to work in other ministries like defense ministry.

And I completed with some facts about TalentCorp which is campaigning to attract back the Malaysian Professionals working abroad. I told them that it is very difficult to bring back the professionals back because of the salary difference but easier to prevent the BRAIN DRIAN by making them convenient and happy. Like my daughter, if her husband was working in UHKL and wife with 4 months’ old child posted to Johore, they would surely migrate abroad.

I sent the four copies of the above letter. Although I never get the reply or any acknowledgements my daughter’s registration to work in University Putra Malaysia was approved in a couple of weeks and her citizenship application was approve within another month.

All the PRAISES SHOULD BE GO TO ALLAH swt, Who approved all our efforts.

May be my letter was also supplemented by my son-in-laws appeal.

So when there is a will…there is the way. We need to try and believe that if we dare to try and pray to Allah swt. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…In Sya Allah…Allah swt knows the best and is capable of doing or granting any of our wishes and prayers. But don’t forget that Doa’ followed by work is needed.

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