My Dr. Ko Ko Gyi Blog should rightly give a new name as Myanmar Muslim Digest

At first I started this blog as my autobiography.

But later because of the popular demand, yes let me boast a little bit like that, especially because of the staff, lecturers and professors of UPM (University Putra Malaysia or PRINCE University of Malaysia, I wrote or share some medical education posts.

At the same time I was writing, posting and sharing in my political blog Dr. San Oo Aung. (Actually I took the pen name or pseudonym of our beloved General Aung San, father of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, by signing off as Oo Aung San. But when I made the e-mail and sent to Burma Digest (publishing weekly in UK, Chief Editor was Dr. Tayza and patron was a son of our first President Sao Shwe Theik.) my name reversed into San Oo Aung. So I continue to use that as one of my pseudonym as I felt that with that name, no one could be annoied as most of the Myanmars love U Aung San.

But after one of the top Myanmar Embassy authorities reminded me to be careful as my name was presented as one of the Myanmar bloggers active in Malaysia by one of the ASEAN member Muslim special police. (May be just threatening me to stop my online activities and to plant suspicion hatred to Muslims here.

But for me…it was a blessing in disguise. As the Myanmar authorities already knew about me, no need to continue using my more than a dozen pseudonyms. I wrote in my blog and FB with my real pictures.

But sadly after the Rohingya Genocide and Meikhtila Massacre the Myanmar Military Government and its lapdogs, 969 (now changed into Ma Ba Tha) and Swarn Arr Shin Terrorists threated not only me but also my relatives. They shamelessly wrote all the LIES as character assassination.  After I openly challenged the Bama Buddhist military-cyber-troopers and their two leaders: Hmu Zaw (Zaw Htay, President’s Office Director) and U Ye Htut (now the Information Minister). I wrote on the walls threatening with Defamation Action once they stepped outside Myanmar. Then only almost all the cyber-attacks and character assassinations stopped.

So I publish here as a Myanmar Muslim Activist and Human Rights Activists. I have wrote a lot of articles in Myanmar language in Burma Digest with the help of friends who help to translate and type in Burmese fonts. Most of them were published as pictures as Dr Tayza was scared to use the Zawgyi font. And they all were damaged by the virus attack on Dr. Tayza’s computer. I was the English Editor there but when Burmese Editor Daw Khin Ma Ma Myo (now back in Myanmar) was in confinement (after delivery) I even wrote some Burmese Editorial in Burma Digest. I have to refer to Burmese That Pone Kyan frequently at that time.

Now I could not give much time and so I publish usually in English although my English is not very good and I could not even read back or revise or edit my mistakes. But my aim is NOT COMPETING ENGLISH COMPOSITION but just giving facts, ideas and some breaking news (sometimes not yet complete or confirmed.

But I shared a lot of postings from my FB friends and the Muslim Media.

So now my Dr Ko Ko Gyi Blog looks like a DIGEST and should rightly give a new name as Myanmar Muslim Digest.

I hope and pray that In Sya Allah, my blogs would serve as a very important historical facts for future generations and history of the Myanmar Muslims as well as my biography.

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