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Myanmar’s Lawless Land

October 23, 2013

Myanmar’s Lawless Land    By Phil Thornton in DIPLOMAT

Myanmar’s fledgling reforms have attracted significant Western interest. But they have also brought thousands of land claims by ethnic villagers.

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There’s no doubt that Myanmar is a country in transition. Even its harshest critics admit that the government is initiating reforms. Laws have been passed that allow participation in politics and increased media freedom. Many political prisoners have been freed, travel restrictions have been eased and ceasefire agreements have been brokered with ethnic armed groups.


The Karen Human Rights Group: Burma Army’s ‘shoot on sight’ order still in use

September 6, 2012

SOURCE: Burma Army’s ‘shoot on sight’ order still in use. By The Karen Human Rights Group

The Karen HuQuintana-300x200man Rights Group (KHRG) raised their concerns to the United Nations Special Human Rights Rapporteur, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana that now is not the time to repatriate Karen refugees back to Burma.