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Myanmar Animal Kingdom

November 4, 2012

One of my favourite “fairy stories” is ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell. This is one of the educating books with a hidden message .This ANIMAL FARM somehow had a special place in my heart as a classics/satire reflecting our country. I have attempted the merging of the Animal Farm story into the Burma/Myanmar scene. I hope some one will be able to write the full adaptation of this animal firm in Burmese Language later.

TQ Yemin Nyinyi for this picture


Comparing the Unique Characters of 1984, Animal Farm and Burmese Days

March 3, 2012

Source: Comparing the Unique Characters of 1984, Animal Farm and Burmese Days

George Orwell, an alias of Eric Arthur Blair, is know for the books 1984 and Animal Farm. In both of these, as well as in most of his others, he seems to delight in using vivid and wholly believable characters, easily believable because of their obvious and tragic faults. Another similarity seems to be the consistent use of irony, a stylistic choice which plays big in Burmese Days and in several other works. Also, Blair enjoyed placing his characters in situations and settings that were out-of-the- ordinary, constantly reversing or switching roles. It is a mark of talent that he is able to use all of these so effectively, making us believe the unbelievable and accept the incredible at the same time that he makes us emphasize with the characters and see similarities between them and ourselves, long after they were written.


Myanmar Animal Kingdom

November 21, 2010



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