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Paradigm Shift: The “STRAW” Smuggler

September 26, 2013

The Smuggler

SmugglerA Tale from the Middle East

A clever smuggler came to the border with a donkey. The donkey’s back was heavily laden with straw. The official at the border was suspicious and pulled apart the man’s bundles till there was straw all around, but not a valuable thing in the straw was found. “But I’m certain you’re smuggling something,” the official said, as the man crossed the border.


Myanmar Animal Kingdom

November 4, 2012

One of my favourite “fairy stories” is ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell. This is one of the educating books with a hidden message .This ANIMAL FARM somehow had a special place in my heart as a classics/satire reflecting our country. I have attempted the merging of the Animal Farm story into the Burma/Myanmar scene. I hope some one will be able to write the full adaptation of this animal farm in Burmese Language later.

TQ Yemin Nyinyi for this picture