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There are still a lot of Islamophobic Myanmars

March 31, 2012

There are still a lot of Islamophobic Myanmars. Now exactly just before the crucial election and changes, one Muslim home in Kyauk Padaung, near Bagan and Mount Popa, where the owner used to pray together with his family and friends is damaged by 15,000 strong mob instigated by rebel rousers racists. I am sad that a lot of Myanmar active on line are not only condoning these atrocities but are even hailing and supporting them.

The Mandalay University Students Islamic Centre near MASU or Mandalay Arts and Science University was disturbed by the authorities and part of the land confisticated because the university students regularly pray on that land. That was 40 yrs ago, I do not know the present condition.

My uncle, U Aung Khin‘s land and house in Patheingyi Township Mdy was also took over by the Township council because he just prayed together with his family in the house. That is a problem….

When the late Dr. U Tin Mg Naing as the representative of Datuk Ishak Ismail of Idris Hydraulisc (Malaysia) bought the Lay Har Pyin Zay (or Open Out-door Market) to build an International Hospital, the approval was withdrawn at last minute by Myanmar authorities because of the including of a Muslim prayer room in the blue prints.

The roof repair of a Rangoon mosque became the center of controversy after the Yangon City Development Committee forced the mosque to suspend work. Rangoon Mayor and USDP candidate Aung Thein Linn allegedly approved the renovation project after the Muslim community agreed to support him in the elections. However, authorities revoked the permit after the Buddhist community allegedly sent a letter of protest to the Union Election Commission in Naypyitaw. The mosque is currently without a roof. Source: American State Gov Report


I love Shan State where I was registered in my National ID Card

March 16, 2012

I studied up to 5th. Std. at Kingswood High School, Kalaw. My National Registration No is ABN 048293 (ABN=Aung Ban, a town about 7 miles fro Kalaw. But now Aung Ban is under the Kalaw township. Taunggyi is at futher up. In this clip there are shots of Mandalay and Goke Hteit also. When we went to stay in Thibaw for about a month during our summer holiday, we took the train. I went together with my late grandma and stayed at late U Aung Tun, Senior Railway-line Engineer (Lan Bo Gyi), my father’s younger brother.