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Chinese invaded illegally into Myanmar and pretend as Myanmar Tine Yin Thar Was

May 22, 2013

Wa army

There is NO WA in Myanmar only “La Wa” …now Chinese Chankeisheik Kumintan Drug dealers and Chinese Communists combined forces, entered Myanmar illegally and pretend to be Tine Yin Thars…

I heard in the late 60’s on the Burmese Communist Party‘s “Voice of Peking” radio…just after anti-Chinese Riots announcing that 100,000 Chinese soldiers “DISAPPEAR” fully equipped with the rifles and ammunition.

And the news continue with that the Ba Ka Pa got new recruits of 100,000 soldiers!


One dozen fundamentals that will shape Burma’s future

October 24, 2012

One dozen fundamentals that will shape Burma‘s future

1. The Pentagon and CIA want to have a toehold in Burma out of its Design against the rising China.
2. Beijing will make counter-moves.
3. Japan and its anti-Chinese Defense Establishment will jump on the American wagon.
4. The Burmese generals are neo-fascists and national security-obsessed sociopaths.
5. Saffron-robed monksare morphing into Burmese skin-heads.

6. The majority Bama public are deeply racist and anti-Muslim.


Halal food in Beijing

July 21, 2011

Source:MInsider article,”Makanan halal di Beijing” by Uthaya Sankar SB translated by Gogle.

Uthaya, Izan, Jasmine and Fadzillah no problems finding halal food restaurant in Beijing.BEIJING, July 21 –

Muslims who travel to Beijing, China should not worry about thinking of getting guaranteed delicious food and halal.

The Land of the Pure and True – Muslims in China

February 19, 2011

Source_emel:The Land of the Pure and True – Muslims in China By Ethar El-Katatney

Muslim China boasts a population of 20 million. From the Hui to the Uyghurs, Islam in China is distinctive and diverse – intertwining authentic Chinese culture, with Islamic practice.


Famous Chinese Muslims

February 19, 2011

Source_Wikipedia: Famous Muslims in China


  1. Zheng He, mariner and explorer
  2. Fei Xin, Zheng He’s translator
  3. Ma Huan, a companion of Zheng He