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‘Half-past-six’ and 10:10 Hand Positions of clocks

July 28, 2011

‘Half-past-six’ and CLOCKS with 10:10 Hand Positions

I had read somewhere that during the British time, mixed blooded whites or Anglos-(others) were only allowed to the exclusive clubs for Whites only after 6-30 PM in British Malaya (now Malaysia & Singapore). So some used the derogatory term “Half-past-six” as a compound adjective ( in Malaysia and Singapore) slang as an  “inferior” or “of poor quality” MIXED –BLOODED Whites.


Ultranationalist or Xenophobiac Burmans in history

July 23, 2011

Source: Burma in Limbo, Part 2 in New Mandala, New perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia

Comment by Moe Aung // Sep 1, 2010 at 8:31 am

….Race riots are the stuff of uneducated gullible people who follow populist leaders and demagogues all over the world.  Indeed race and religion are the refuge of scoundrels. The military dictatorship in Burma has found this very expedient whenever they get into difficulties.


Burmese Myanmar Everywhere in Malaya

September 4, 2010
British Malaya between 1909 and 1946.

British Malaya between 1909 and 1946. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        I simply wish that some few respected persons who are IT literate from different countries could start to record all the Myanmar Diaspora and their history around the world.

Twenty five yrs ago, I was surprised to read the NST first page report about the photo and bio data of retiring Director of CID, Malaysia. His name started with Maung…He was said to be transferred to British Malaya while serving the police force in British Burma. He never went back to Burma and continued to serve after independence.