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Gabungan NGO desak kerajaan fikir semula hubungan dengan Myanmar

November 30, 2013

Laporan Langsung Wartawan Utusan Online 2013 Live

Gabungan NGO desak kerajaan fikir semula hubungan dengan Myanmar

KUALA LUMPUR 29 Nov. – Gabungan Pertubuhan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) Malaysia menentang ekstremis agama di Myanmar (Gabungan NGO) mendesak kerajaan agar mengkaji semula perhubungan diplomatik dan juga perdagangan dengan Republik Kesatuan Myanmar.

Myanmar Buddhists are going to destroy Buddhism with the practice of Bid‘ah and SHIRK

November 20, 2013

အခ်ဥ္ ဝီရသူ already said…He is ready to put Daw Suu‘s idol together with Buddha and pray…If she support or sponsor the Vaginal security Act for Ultra-Nationalists. Most of the Buddhists R corrupted in their belief in Buddhism, not like the Muslims who have STRICT Code of Law like SHIRK…they are willingly putting the Thurathati Indian Idol and Kwan Yin Chinese goddess and gods…The Buddhists themselves R the real enemy of Buddhism.


This pic of the Khwe Thar Wirathu alone could become a very strong evidence at ICC to hang him for Meikhtila Massacre

November 11, 2013

Wirathu lied

TQ friend. This pic of the Khwe Thar Wirathu alone could become a very strong evidence at ICC to hang him for Meikhtila Massacre. Mandalay Chief Minister Ye Myint and Security Minister ? and other Ministers who talk rubbish to justify the Massacre of Meikhtila Muslims could also be punish at ICC, In Sya Allah. Please search and record all the evidences and if possible publish and share on internet:FB and blogs. President U Thein Sein had also STUPIDLY endorsed that SOB Wirathu as Son of Buddha. That stupidity is already entered in world history.


Buddhists aren’t always peaceful

September 21, 2013
 Buddhists aren’t always peaceful

Stephen Prothero is a professor in Boston University’s religion department and the author of “The American Bible: How Our Words Unite, Divide, and Define a Nation.”

When we think of Buddhism we don’t usually think of a man with a gun. We think instead of the Buddha sitting quiet and cross-legged, deep in meditation. Or of the Nobel Peace Prize winner the Dalai Lama, refusing to resort to violence in his struggle for a free Tibet.


According to Lord Buddha’s teaching there must be NO MORE ငါ or me or mine or Atta…the 969 and Wirathu are against Buddhism

September 10, 2013


 TQ… I, my, my family, my relatives, my religion, my race, my country….IF NO MORE ငါ or FOR me Atta…AS Lord Buddha taught…the 969 IS WRONG, Wirathu is against Buddha’s teaching. There will be PEACE in Myanmar.

ငါငါ့ မွာလည္း ငါ ၊ သူ ့မွာ ငါႏွင့္
ငါ့ ငါ သူ ့ငါ ၊ ေတြ ့ၾကခါဝယ္
ငါ ႏွင့္ ငါ ခ်င္း ၊ ငါ စစ္ခင္းလ်က္
ပူျပင္းလွ်ံရဲ ငါ ေပါက္ကြဲ၏ ။

The Curse Of Intolerance

July 22, 2013

The Curse Of Intolerance  July 11, 2013

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi desires that all religions should reside everywhere….” Ashokan Rock Edict 7

The attack on Buddha Gaya is an outrage.

When the religious of the different religions refuse to coexist, when they accrue unto themselves the exclusive ownership of spiritual truths or geographic spaces, when rulers see in religions (and in the credulous religious) a means to temporal-power, societal-violence proliferates, wars ensue and tragedy strikes.


Avoid Religious fanaticism to gain mutual trust and respect

January 16, 2012

Don’t let our-selves become religious fanatic

  1. Extremism is always bad. Islam teaches us to practice moderation.
  2. Acting extremely is always bad, especially in religious matters.
  3. Buddha also advised the followers to choose the moderate, middle path.
  4. Siddhartha (563-483 BC) followed the extreme path for many years in meditating but could not get enlightenment until he changed to the moderate path.


Good Governance preached by Buddha

December 26, 2010
The Magadha state circa 600 BC, before it expanded

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Source_Conditions of a Nation’s Welfare from Maha-parinibbana Sutta: Last Days of the Buddha, translated from the Pali by Sister Vajira & Francis Story

Buddha asked, “What have you heard, Ananda, do the Vajjis have_

  1. frequent gatherings, and are their meetings well attended?
  2. Assemble and disperse peacefully and attend to their affairs in concord?
  3. Neither enact new decrees nor abolish existing ones, but proceed in accordance with their ancient constitutions?
  4. Show respect, honor, esteem, and veneration towards their elders and think it worthwhile to listen to them?
  5. Refrain from abducting women and maidens of good families and from detaining them?
  6. Show respect, honor, esteem, and veneration towards their shrines, both those within the city and those outside it, and do not deprive them of the due offerings as given and made to them formerly?
  7. Duly protect and guard the arahats, so that those who have not come to the realm yet might do so, and those who have already come might live there in peace? (Arahant, Pali, in Buddhism, signifies a spiritual practitioner who has realized certain high stages of attainment)”


Buddha rescued by rat

October 1, 2010

Sakka Min in mouse form rescued Buddha from adultary accusation of Cincamanavika. she wrapped up her stomach with a round piece of thin wooden plank; pretending to be a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy. She went to the Jetavana monastery to confront the Buddha. The Buddha was then expounding the Dhamma to a congregation of bhikkhus and laymen. She accused the Buddha with adultary and responsible for her pregnancy.