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Islamic Council Secretary U Tin Mg Than’s very good explaination about the misunderstandings

December 20, 2013

TQ very much…good job done. Because we just heard from others esp “OUT OF TEXT” I misunderstood and wrote the HARSH posting. Sorry for that. And I am the one who give the information I got to my brother Maung Maung and requested to write in Burmese. Sorry again for the misunderstanding with him. Problem is, if the leaders like you have give the information to the outside Activists in the forums we share, we could avoid this kind of misunderstanding. TQ.


Military roots of racism in Myanmar

September 4, 2013

Military roots of racism in Myanmar
By Maung Zarni

Over the past year, Myanmar has been plagued by neo-Nazi “Buddhist” racism and organized mob violence targeting the country’s minority Muslims of diverse ethnic and historical backgrounds.

At the very heart of Myanmar’s Islamophobic campaign lies the state and its successive senior leaderships, which continue to operate within a concrete set of political economic relations wherein they pursue their typically sinister Machiavellian politics in defense of corporate, clique and personal agendas.


LYC Dr. Daw Nwe Nwe Tint and I (2)

September 1, 2013


Source:FB of Dr. Daw Tint Tint Kyi

I HEREBY ADMIT THAT I NEVER GET THE PERMISSION OF MY FRIENDS, Dr Sai Kham Leik and Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin to use their names and songs for my series of “Dear Nan letters”. If any problem with the law, because of those articles, Dr Sai Kham Leik and Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin are not responsible at all and I am the responsible person to face the music.


Myanmar/Burma’s politics can be summed up as ‘neo-Feudal gangsterism’

August 21, 2013
Test your Burma expertise and knowledge.

Burma’s politics can be summed up as ‘neo-Feudal gangsterism’.

I am distilling what I know in all these years doing and studying the country’s affairs:

1) the discourses of nation-building, nationalism, patriotism conceal the fundamentally mafia-like political economy where various stakeholders in Burma slice the pie.

2) who are the stakeholders?

a) the generals, b) retired generals, c) the strategically placed state military and ex-military managers, d) multi-billion dollar narcotics and smuggling networks (Kokant, Wa, Chinese, etc), e) crony-front-men, f) powerful armed ethnic leaders, g) international and regional money launderers and last but not least, h) international and regional corporate interests.

Interesting Burmese word origins

July 14, 2013

Interesting Burmese word origins By Fifty Viss

Burmese word origins
A graphic I made, showing some of the linguistic diversity found in the Burmese language.
Burmese has a hodgepodge of words that come from other languages, some that would surprise most people, at least me. It’s a given that many Burmese words come from Pali (from Buddhism) or English (from colonial rule), but quite a number of words also come from obscure and seemingly unrelated languages to Burmese. I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ones.


NATO (No Action Talk Only) President U Thein Sein

July 2, 2013

“NATO” president U Thein Sein.
“NATO” = No Action Talk Only.
Actually he is like “cat sh*t” or in Burmese, “Kyaung Chee” soft but smelly.
As his President’s official web page has just protested against the TIME magazine, praised and defend the Hardliner, TERRORIST Buddhist group 969 and banned the TIME magazine from distributing in Myanmar, his following words are meaningless.
He has yet to arrest Wira Thu led 969 leaders who are relentlessly spreading the HATE SPEECHES.

Wira Thu admits that he is terrorist

June 27, 2013

Wira Thu admits he is terrorist

Wira Thu admits he is terrorist


Ye Yint Thitsar

သူ ဟာ အၾကမ္းဖက္သမားၾကီး (႐ိုး႐ိုးေတာင္ မဟုတ္ဘူးေနာ္ “ၾကီး)
ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း သူကိုယ္တိုင္ စာနဲ႕ေပနဲ႕ ကို ဝန္ခံထားပါတယ္။


Eleven and the Time: Mindset is the problem

June 24, 2013

ႏိုင္ငံတကာ ဂ်ာနယ္လစ္ေတြနဲ႔ အက္တီးဗစ္ေတြသိေအာင္ ကူျပီးျဖန္႔ေပးၾကပါ။
Please extensively share this so that INTERNATIONAL ACTIVISTS and Journalists know about this great problem.

Eleven and the Time: Mindset is the problem

23rd June 2013

Burmese self-proclaimed no.1 media, Eleven Group, accuses the world renowned Time magazine of possibility of bribery behind its July 2013 issue today.

During past week, Burmese netizens shocked over Time’s cover of July 2013 issue which portrays a radical monk, U Wirathu being labelled as “The Face of Buddhist Terror”.

Eleven media group reviewed the Time cover story twice in its editorial articles of their daily run newspaper. Furthermore, Eleven group also shared its strong objection of Time’s article on Facebook. In which, U Than Htut Aung, a medical doctor and chief editor of Eleven, accused the Time of betraying media ethics.

As Eleven’s rhetoric articles fuel anger of Burmese netizens and its ultra nationalist offline readers, the mindsets of Buddhist majority which are less discussed are getting worse since those were already well- overwhelmed with hate propagation of Burmese style neo-nazi movements.


Burmese “Buddhist” principal of Elementary School at Nam-ma-tu Town, almost triggered another incident of violence against the Muslims in Burma

June 22, 2013
Maung Zarni shared Myanmar Chronicle‘s status.
Daw San San Myint, the BurmeseBuddhistprincipal of No, 3 Basic Education/Elementary School at Nam-ma-tu Town, almost triggered another incident of violence against the Muslims in Burma.

The principal threatened to expel a female Muslim student – elementary student! – from her elementary school should the latter did not get down on her knees and give her respect the Buddhist way.

She made a phone call and about 30 “Buddhist” thugs arrived within 5 minutes after the call.

Myanmar is doubly ill-served by the PhDs

June 10, 2013
Maung Zarni

Myanmar is doubly ill-served by the PhDs, home-made or acquired at ‘the big universities‘ in the West.

On one hand, Made-in-De-din (i.e., Myanmar) Doctors are a joke of a new genre who now fill university departments.

On the other hand, the PhDs who were Made-in-the West (and the rest such as Japan) now populate Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s new capital of sociopaths and psychopaths in various disguises.