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I am a virtual slave!

February 4, 2013


I NEVER use CREDIT cards.

But my housing loan (Mortgages), car-loans (called Hire-Purchases) and Children’s Education loans shackled me into virtual slavery.

Pic. source FB of Rationalist


New definition of 5 Cs:career, comfort, children, consideration and charity

October 29, 2011

Source: The Malaysian Insider’s, “Think you are rich? Think again… “ by Jeffrey Ong

How do you define wealth or riches? Is having a million dollars in assets
considered wealthy in this day and age?

Today, wealth is commonly defined locally by the “Singapore dream” — or what is more popularly known as the 5Cs — condominium, car, credit card, country club membership and cash. For others, achieving the 5Cs is not a holistic representation of wealth.