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Crown prince pretended to be deaf and dumb to avoid kinghood (in English and Burmese)

January 4, 2011


  1. The Story of The Dumb Prince, The Illustrated Jataka & Other Stories of the Buddha by C.B. Varma  (IN ENGLISH)
  2. Jataka tales by U Ba Kyi: Pretending to be deaf and dumb to avoid kinghood. (IN BURMESE)

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Chanda Devi, the wife of the king of Kashi had no son. This filled her life with misery. Sakka, the king of the devas, when saw her grief he decided to help her because she was a virtuous lady. So, he persuaded the Bodhisatta, who was then born in the realm of the Tavatimsa to prepare for his descent in her womb for the sake of her happiness. The Bodhisatta then entered the womb of the queen. When born, there was a heavy rain-fall in the city. As he was born wet he was called Temiya.