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969 Buddhist-Activist Monks Military Cyber-troopers Versus US Ambassador?

July 5, 2013

969 Buddhist-Activist Monks Versus US Ambassador? (Part of this post is direct translations of Op-Ed Articles from various Burmese Blogs.)

The 969 Buddhist Revival Movement in Burma is extremely popular among the Burmese Buddhists, even though bitterly demonised by International media, Islamic countries, and Burma’s own Muslims as a racist bigotry tethering on the genocidal context of ruining and driving the Bengali-Muslims out of Burma.
Recently at the US Embassy-sponsored forum titled “Freedom of Expression” held in the evening of May 8 at the American Centre the US Ambassador Derek Mitchell launched a thinly-veiled public attack on the 969 Buddhist Movement for inciting March anti-Muslim violence in Meikhtilar and earlier Islamic race riots in Arakan State last year.

Burma is changing, but not towards a simple state of freedom

March 30, 2013

Burma is changing, but not towards a simple state of freedom

By JOSEPH ALLCHIN Published: 7 November 2011

Not all are convinced: Burmese in Malaysia protest the ongoing offensives against ethnic minorities in Burma (Reuters)

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, Mark Twain once famously quipped. Indeed it seems it is a river in the memories of many international observers now swooning blindly over President Thein Sein and his reform agenda. (more…)