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နာမည္ပ်က္စာရင္း (Black List) ၀င္ ၃၀၀၀ ပယ္ဖ်က္၍ မရေတာ့ဟု ဦးေအာင္မင္း ေျပာ

November 25, 2013

And what about Myanmar Passport holders like me, is there any list sent to Myanmar Embassies not to entertain the Passport extension of the persons, their family members and relatives? FYI Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia is currently doing these on Myanmar Muslim Professionals working with valid visas and legally in Malaysia. Why R they targeting Muslims when Buddhist illegals even without Passports are legalized and issued with new Passports. This is the clear case of Religious Discrimination on Racist Myanmar Embassy Officials….I am working in my busy clinic 12 1/2 every day, 363 days per year, almost never go out after clinic hour, never involve with any TERRORIST groups, never commit any crime BUT just an active Human Rights activist on FB and blog. Even up to September many Embassy official staff are coming to my clinic for FREE OF CHARGE TREATMENTS. Just because Myanmar Military Cyber-troopers defamation with lies…they Foreign Ministry and Naypyidaw should not instruct its Embassy to commit Human Rights abuse on me.