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Human Rights Abuses Since Thein Sein Became President

October 2, 2013

Human Rights Abuses Since Thein Sein Became President

10 Jul 2013

Burma Briefing No. 26

President Thein Sein has been hailed by the British government and many other world leaders as a reformer. He has even been described as courageous. In their rush to embrace Thein Sein as a democratic reformer, the British government, which used to talk about justice, accountability, and ending impunity in Burma, seem prepared to ignore the fact that Thein Sein spent 14 years on the ruling council of the previous dictatorship, and was one of its most senior members.


To go or not to go

February 26, 2013

Source: To go or not to go CONTRADICTHEORY By DZOF ADZMI in StarOnline

Recently, a friend of mine posted an announcement on Facebook that she was leaving Malaysia. She was sick and tired of its failings as a country, and she saw no progress at all.

My initial reaction when reading this was sadness, followed by an urge to ask her to stay and help make this country better – forgetting that she has basically been trying to do that for the last few years in her own way.

Another part of me wanted to say “Never mind the idiots”, but I suspect she believes that it is the idiots who get the most press coverage, and evidence of their idiocy is prevalent 24/7.

But why should I try to stop her, if at the end of the day she believes that leaving the country is what’s needed to be better? I myself advocate going abroad to study or for work experience as it develops a more rounded view of the world with all its eccentricities and foibles.