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Head Master U Ba Thaw and I

October 8, 2013
U Ba Thaw
1968 LYCs from SHS 9 Mandalay with Headmaster U Ba Thaw. Than Win 9th std, Ko Ko Gyi 10th std. Headmaster U Ba Thaw was also a very kind-hearted and good person. After retirement, before we joined IMM (I forgot the exact timing), he was very ill with Haematemesis, we went to see him at his house. He was a Burmese Muslim.

I was elected as the whole school Bandula Team leader. (All the students in the whole school were divided into 4 teams to compete in every field.)

I was also elected as the secretary of School Council. Headmaster U Ba Thaw was the Chairman.


Roots of empathy: an interview with Mary Gordon

September 7, 2013

Roots of empathy: an interview with Mary Gordon

Lennon Flowers 5 September 2013

Empathy is central to education for democracy, and it can be “caught not taught” among children in schools. This is the the fourth in our series of articles about empathy and transformation.

Credit: Melanie Gordon. All rights reserved.

What’s the measure of a good education, and what do you want your children to learn in school? Basic proficiency in language, literacy and mathematics perhaps, or a marketable set of skills, or is the purpose of education something deeper? In today’s hyper-competitive culture where standardized test results are used as a proxy for educational advancement, what chance is there for schools to develop creativity, critical thinking, human solidarity and civic skills?


When the direction of wind changes,”Let us build windmills, not walls”

February 10, 2013

A Chinese proverb says, “When the direction of wind changes, some build walls, some build windmills.”

In this period of change, I say: “Let us build windmills.”

Windmills that would ensure our efforts are sustainable. Windmills that would stand the test of time to benefit our future generations.


Mr. Azly Rahman’s “Dismantle our apartheid education”

March 17, 2012

What then must Myanmars do to provide a future safe enough for their children not to experience another Racial Riots or another round of wars with the Ethnic Minorities when all hell broke loose – because of miseducation?

In an attempt to engineer what seems to be a successful system of failure in a hyper-modernising state that prides itself in the slogan of “human capital” and “education for all”, Myanmars seem to live with these oxymorons. In the words of George Orwell in his prophetic novel of a dystopic society of Oceania in the classic work called 1984, this means “doublespeak”, in which contradictions abound in the inner-workings of the conveyor belt called education.


We could learn more as a House Officer than as a Medical Student

March 8, 2012

It is better to increase the Houseman period to TWO years. When compare to just listening the lectures and reading alone, practical training and SUPERVISED practice would definitely equipt the Myanmar young doctors with useful skills. Dear HE PTK please think about this option. Med Students need not spend parents’ money for another 1 yr. They do not need to wait another yr to become a dr. And could earn salary and experience.


St.Peter’s High School Mandalay Homage invitation, list of teachers and students

October 24, 2011

Old Peterite Club

School Alumni are known as Old Peterites. Every member of the school becomes a member of the Old Peterite Club (or OP Club). This keeps alumni updated with developments and achievements at the school as well as taking an interest in the further success of individuals in later life.


Professors U Pe Toe, U Mya Maung and Daw Kyu Kyu Swe

July 19, 2011

Professor U Pe Toe @ Mr Ganong because he could recite by heart the Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology

Professor U Mya Maung @ Mr Harper because he could recite by heart the Harper biochemistry

These two Professors were the BEST lecturers I had encountered.


IQ, EQ, examan results and candidates’ reactions

June 10, 2011

Passing all the fields of Medical Examinations depends on:
The student’s IQ & EQ. IQ is OK but sub standard EQ of some is the problem.

[More than 99% of students’ IQs are up to the standard but most of the students are distracted by drugs, liquor, gambling, women and others, may be called inadequate EQ or Emotional intelligence. (a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself)]

Homage ceremony for elderly doctors and LYC Memorabilia

May 29, 2011

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List of Outstanding Students from St. Peter’s No. 9 SHS BEHS

May 25, 2011

List of Outstanding Students from (former St. Peter’s) No. 9 SHS BEHS

9SHS LYCsSource: Prof Than Win

State High School no 9 Mandalay luyechuns 1966 – 1988

Luyechun (actually not at the time of St. Peter’s) pics and facts taken from Dr. Myo Kyi Tha’s comments in the  Luyechun FB Group postings.