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Vote for the change to democracy but not about good and evil

October 27, 2010
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Extracts taken and edited to Burmanize a very good article in MKini by Mervyn Lai, “True democracy not about good and evil”.

I propose an approach on how we should view every politician_

  1. (Government/military affiliated/opposition)
  2.  The politician is not a vessel of good or evil.
  3. She, or he, is a person.
  4. Just like yourself. There have clearly been days in which you have helped, and days in which you have been cruel to another.
  5. It is a sham if we believe that humans are capable of only good or evil in every moment of their lives.
  6. And like the rest of the world, politics is not a fairy-tale.
  7. The actors are not clearly separated into groups of protagonists versus antagonists.
  8. Politicians, it must be said, are representatives of various factions with possibly conflicting interests.