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Religious Freedom Report of Myanmar (Burma)

July 31, 2012

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor International Religious Freedom Report for 2011


The constitution and other laws and policies restrict religious freedom. The government implemented considerable political reforms, but did not demonstrate a trend toward either improvement or deterioration in respect for and protection of the right to religious freedom. The government maintained restrictions on certain religious activities and limited freedom of religion, although it generally permitted adherents of government-registered religious groups to worship as they chose. While constraints on respect for and protection of the right to religious freedom continued, the community of Christian churches reported a notable easing of restrictions on church building and a positive relationship with the Ministry of Religion, including the ministry’s organization of interfaith dialogues. The government also passed a new law to protect freedom of assembly and procession and provided greater access to ethnic minority areas for U.S. officials and organizations.


Religious Riots are Trump Cards for Dictators and Dirty Politicians

April 18, 2012

Greatest/Most used/Proved very effective and DANGEROUS Rhetoric is PATRIOTISM. Danger of disappearance of Race/Religion/Country.
And using Patriotism to drive OTHERS AGAINST US is a very effective Rhetoric for ELECTIONS and all the difficult times in country
In ‘OTHERS AGAINST US’ always need to search an easy soft target, SCAPEGOAT or SACRIFICIAL LAMBS like ‘Foreigners’ or ‘Migrants’
Religious Minorities are usually painted or marked as “migrants” “foreigners” to be targeted for Religious Riots.
It is true that Sameul Johnson rightly said, “PATRIOTISM is the last resort of scoundrels”.

SOURCE: General Aung San: Dirty politics of using Ultranationalism to get popular support

RELIGION is the Trump card of dirty politicians and dirty governments

  • They say politics is dirty.
  • They say politics is religion.
  • They say these all in contradiction with each other in one and the same breath.
  • Politics is religion! Is it?

Of course not. But this is the trump card of dirty politicians.


Politics became “Dirty” when mixed with Religion

January 27, 2012


Some of us have been going still, consciously or unconsciously, about the same old way of “dirty” politics.

  1. But is politics really “dirty”?
  2. Certainly not.
  3. It is not politics which is dirty, but rather the persons who choose to dirty it are dirty.


Combating discrimination based on religion or belief

December 9, 2010

SOURCE: In their everyday life, many members of religious or belief communities face discrimination based on their religion or belief. They are unduly restricted in the enjoyment of their civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. As such, members of certain religious or belief communities suffer discrimination in their access to public education, health services or public posts. In extreme cases, some of them are also arrested or killed due to their religious affiliation. 


Majority should protect minority, not belittle them in true Democracy

November 18, 2010
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Edited to Burmanize from _MKini letter: Majority should protect minority, not belittle them by A Vaithilingam

Name-calling by military leaders, some politicians, some irresponsible people and public servants belonging to a section of the majority community in this country of ours have been most insensitive, hurting the feelings of the minority ethnic and minority religious groups. Can it be thoughtlessness or is it a feeling of superiority by some who feel they are above the law?

We already know of cases when General Ne Win lost their cool and made racial and slanderous remarks to belittle the mixed blooded people, people of Indian-sub-continent and taint Burmese Muslims had started to taint their minds. I suppose not able to punish those bigots (who, legally, seemed to have infringed the Human Rights, Minorities‘ Rights, Religious Freedom to start the Ethnic Cleansing) has resulted in others continuing to taunt the minorities!