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Burmese Muslim traditional food during Eid or Hari Raya

September 18, 2009

During the Eid, the tradition in our parents’ home is to cook Danpauk  or the Burmese Biryani. I used to encourage or request my wife to cook Danpauk in almost every Eid or Hari Raya. Now she had perfected the recipe of cooking Burmese Biryani and I believe she became the expert and her Biryani is the best in the world, according to my taste. She had modified to reduce oil, butter, sugar and colour from the point of view of healthy eating habit.

When I was young, my father would slaughter the chicken and all the elders, my mother, uncle Ko Tin Maung and I helped. But I have to clean the inside and outside of the house, dusted the show case cabinet where we kept the souvenirs and toys. (Our parents bought the expensive toys for us when we are ill or if our father came back from out station esp. Rangoon.) Later all the toys are kept in the show case and if we are ill only we are allowed to play with them.)

During the Eid, mother used to cook/bake the (SaNwinMaKin) or Burmese Semolina Cake or (Kuih) Suchi, using Suchi, eggs and milk. This is also my favourite food.

In addition to that Shai mai or Samai or Shai Mai is also like the favourite sweet food for most of the Burmese Muslims.