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Many ladies used to misunderstand the IMPLANTATION BLEEDING with their periods and miscalculated the length of their pregnancy

November 7, 2013

Many ladies used to misunderstand the IMPLANTATION BLEEDING with their periods and miscalculated the length of their pregnancy.

Today, my clinic nurse, (trained Diploma holder) came and asked me although she had regular period why her UPT (Urine for Pregnancy Test) is positive.


Implantation Bleeding


Dr. Tin Myo Win (NLD Daw Suu’s Physician)

October 8, 2013


Photo- Ko Phyo Gyi

Beside Dr . Pe Thet Khin is surgeon Dr .Tin Myo Win (Daw Suu‘s personal physician) Dr .Tin Myo Win is my contemporary LYC, we were together at those days. He was LYC Khwe Hmuu and I was Suu Hmuu at the 1972 LYC Camp.


Paradigm Shift: The “STRAW” Smuggler

September 26, 2013

The Smuggler

SmugglerA Tale from the Middle East

A clever smuggler came to the border with a donkey. The donkey’s back was heavily laden with straw. The official at the border was suspicious and pulled apart the man’s bundles till there was straw all around, but not a valuable thing in the straw was found. “But I’m certain you’re smuggling something,” the official said, as the man crossed the border.


1971-72 IMM luyechun Outstanding Students

September 12, 2013


72 LYC


What’s wrong with us showing our sentiment sometimes?

September 4, 2013

Ko Myo

What’s wrong with us showing our sentiment sometimes?
We are not saints.
We are human beings.
Humans only normal human beings.
We have emotions and angers.
Moreover we have claws and canines as others have.
We can growl as can others.
We can bite as can they.


The mind-body link in treating diseases

July 31, 2013

The mind-body link in treating diseases

By Dr CHRISTOPHER BOEY CHIONG MENG Wednesday June 19, 2013

The interaction between mind and body is an important subject which is currently not given the consideration it deserves. MANY doctors look for physical causes when treating diseases of the body. There is also a common tendency to classify illnesses into those with physical causes and those with psychological ones.This encapsulates the tendency to compartmentalise the problems of the “mind” and the “body” separately; any inter-relationship is frequently ignored.


2nd. Std. in Kingswood School Kalaw, 53 years ago

May 27, 2013

My pic and short status message at 2nd. Std. in Kingswood School Kalaw, 53 years ago

2nd. Std. in Kingswood School Kalaw, SSS, Burma. That was in about 1959-60.

TQ Ko Shan Lay for sending this rare pic. I got my Std 3 and Std 4 books…If possible please photocopy that whole book and send to me please…I would send the cost to you.


Many have irregular heartbeats that could contribute to a stroke

April 13, 2013

Many have irregular heartbeats that could contribute to a stroke By LOH FOON FONG

KUALA LUMPUR: Unknown to them, thousands of Malaysians are walking time bombs liable to explode anytime.

These people are unaware they have irregular heartbeats which could lead to blood clots or burst arteries that could result in death or severe physical incapacitation such as paralysis.

Atrial Fibrillation-Strike Out Stroke chairman Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian said 20% out of 49,000 patients with high blood pressure, were discovered to have irregular heartbeats.


Exercise after Child birth

January 25, 2013

Improving your recovery after birth – physiotherapy advice

Immediately after your baby‘s birth

After you have given birth we recommend that you follow some simple steps which will improve your postnatal recovery.
Rest – lie flat for 30 minutes, twice a day. This will help to minimise discomfort, reduce swelling and take extra weight off your pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles.
Ice – following a vaginal birth or an attempted vaginal birth, ice helps to reduce pain and swelling around the perineum and is crucial in the first 72 hours after the birth of your baby. Ice should be placed inside your pad for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours and can be continued until pain and swelling cease.
Compression – firm supportive underwear will help support the perineum and lower abdominals and reduce pain and discomfort. This will also help to start the healing process. Control briefs can be purchased from department stores and should be worn for the first six weeks. As a guide, garments should be two sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size.
Exercise – pelvic floor and deep abdominal exercises help you return to your pre-pregnancy shape and assist with healing around any stitches you may have. They can be safely started one to two days following the birth of your baby, provided there is no increase in your pain.


Chest physiotherapy

January 25, 2013

Chest physiotherapy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chest physiotherapy (CPT) is the treatments generally performed by physiotherapists (in Canada) and respiratory therapists whereby breathing is improved by the indirect removal of mucus from the breathing passages of a patient. Other terms used in Australia include respiratory or cardiothoracic physiotherapy.