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ေဒါက္တာစိုင္းခမ္းလိတ္ဘဝ ထဲက လူရည္ခၽြန္

April 28, 2011

ေဒါက္တာစိုင္းခမ္းလိတ္ဘဝ ထဲက လူရည္ခၽြန္ posted by Dr.Nay Oo

Welcome from Shan State and Curlture ရဲ႕ ထင္ေပၚေက်ာ္ၾကား ရွမ္းအမ်ဳိးသားမ်ားက႑မွာ ေဒါက္တာစိုင္းခမ္းလိတ္ဘဝေကာက္ေၾကာင္းကို ဖတ္ၾကည့္ေတာ့ လူရည္ခၽြန္နဲ႕ပတ္သက္တဲ့ အေၾကာင္းေတာ္ေတာ္မ်ားမ်ား ေတြ႕ရတာ တဆင့္ျပန္လည္ ကူးယူ ေဖၚျပမိပါတယ္ … ခြင့္ျပဳေစခ်င္ပါတယ္…. ခြင့္ျပဳမယ္လို႔ ယူဆပါတယ္။


Outstanding Student or Lu-Ye Chun လူရည္ခၽြန္

March 7, 2011

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Updated: I got some of the above pictures from the Dental Surgeon Nay Oo’s Face book. TQ Dr Ne Oo. Please may you allow me to share few of your လူရည္ခၽြန္ဓါတ္ပုံမ်ား in this blog . Most of my photos and pic books of လူရည္ခၽြန္ were burnt during the great fire of Mdy 1984.


နွစ္ ၉ ၀ ျပည့္ တကၠသိုုလ္ နန္း

December 30, 2010

I have read Zawana’s “Kaw Leik Kyaung Thar” (College Student),  “Kaw Leik Gin” (Collegian = a member of a college but Jin in Burmese is a  “Top” or a spinning toy or a clever person) and  “Kaw Leik Jaboo” ( A person like a bed bug or flea in the College) during my teenage at the high school. Since then I used to like and long for  the University life like the charecters in RASU. In our Mdy Med U (IMM), our student life was boring and scarry like a Primary school student who has to scare a very very bad teacher and Head Master/mistress. No enjoyment, no excitement, no pleasure at all, so I continue to miss the RASU student life of the characters in those books….

Every week, we used to have exams. In every lecture, lecturers would ask questions about previous day lecturers, in every practicals we would be asked about the just finished lectures. We all were scolded incessantly every day.

At the ward rounds Consultants would ask about any disease, wherether we had learned or not. They will shout infront of the students, drs and patients even if our answers were correct but if not in proper order or according to the incidences in our country. So our heart were always heavy, depressed, scared all the time.

Source_KAY:နွစ္ ၉ ၀ ျပည့္ တကၠသိုုလ္ နန္း ေတးေရး -တကၠသိုလ္ဘုန္းႏိုင္ ေတးဆို – သန္းသန္းရွိန္

What am I to complaint if former world’s highest intelligence quotient record holder feels happy with an ordinary life?

October 10, 2010

Source_The Star:Life in the high IQ lane By HWANG JURIE

Former whiz kid feels happy with ordinary life despite media expectations.

SEOUL: What will people think of 16-month-old wonder child Jonathon Rader, able to play various musical instruments, if he decides not to pursue a career as a musician?

The answer seems to be “a failure” when hearing the story from Kim Ung-yong, a 48-year-old record holder for the world’s highest intelligence quotient, in an interview with The Korea Herald.

I was famous for having a 210 IQ and being able to solve intricate math equations at the age of four, Kim said. “Apparently, the media belittled the fact that I chose to work in a business planning department at Chungbuk Development Corporation.”


Our family photo during golden days and Kingswood High School, Kalaw

February 26, 2009

Our family photo during golden days


My late grandmother, late father together with my mother, brothers, sister, uncles after our father’s youngest brother’s wedding in Taungoo. That groom, our aunt passed away last year. One of their son was at our house in KL planning to re-entre Singapore for the job interview.

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Our old house’s photo in Kalaw. My 7th. beloved brother U Soe Min @ Ah Soe and his grandchild infront of our old house @ Natsin Road Kalaw

Kingswood High School, Kalaw