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When you go home, Tell them of us, and say: For their tomorrow, We gave our today

February 25, 2012

Indians had given their lives in 1944 which liberated Burma, Malaysia and Singapore by cutting off the HEAD OF JAPANESE ARMY. Other three countries need to do an easier job killing the retreating demoralised Japanese army

At the KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY in Imphal, Commemorating the memories of the British and Indian (mostly Nepal and Punjabi) soldiers who died: “FOR YOUR TOMORROW WE GAVE OUR TODAY….”

Yes a lot of them give their lives to protect India and to liberalize Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore. Retreated badly shaped Japanese soldiers were attacked by Burmese Revolutionary Forces.


Battle of Kohima-Imphal, 1944 which liberated Burma

April 27, 2011

Source: Battle of Kohima-Imphal, 1944

William Slim versus Renya Mutaguchi: A Japanese army under Mutaguchi tries to cut off and destroy a British army under Slim. Can Slim defend and supply the beleaguered twin cities long enough to mount an offensive?