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Thet or Daingnet people or Chakma

December 26, 2013

DNChakma language (Changma Vaj or Changma Kodha) is an Indo-European language spoken by the Chackma and Daingnet people or THETS of Myanmar.

The Chakma and Daingnet people now speak what may be considered divergent dialects of Bengali. However, this is due to language shift from a Tibeto-Burman language; that medieval language may have been related to Sak[5] or Chairel (Voegelin 1977)

Daingnet people do not call themselves Daingnet, they call themselves Changma just like the nearby Chakma people of Bangladesh and North East India. Daingnet is an exonym given to them by the Rakhine people. In the Rakhine language


Our long nose is the source of discrimination in ‘Yae-Mee-Sha’ and Malaysia

September 28, 2010
The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996 film)

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Just because of a longer (or rather sharp) nose and thicker body hairs, in Yae-Mee-Sha’ country, we were looked down, discriminated, called names; Kalas, Kaladane, mixed blooded people.

[NOTE: Yae-Mee-Sha’ = Myanmar’s new name given meaning sarcastically because of the scarcity of electricity and water which rhymes with its closed friends in ASEAN, Malaysia and Indonesia]

Once we arrives Malaysia, supposedly an Islam dominated country, we were still again treated like above because of our long nose and body hairs. We are surprised that most of the Malay political leaders from both side of the divide are mixed blooded persons with the Aryan blood from, India, Arab, Turkey and Portuguese etc. we are discriminated due to our race. Once I met a VIP (now deceased) former Chief Minister of a State at a function in PERKIM. He jokingly told me that they wish to accept back the minority Muslims from Thailand, Cambodia and Burma but Burmese Muslims like me are not accepted in their special arrangement because I have a LONG NOSE! He went on to explain that Bamas look like Malays and the Pashus or Burmese Malays are different from us we have some features from the Indian subcontinent.