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U Gambira transferred to Insein Prison, Facing up to 30 Years

December 3, 2012

U Gambira transferred to Insein Prison, Facing up to 30 Years

UPDATE Daw Yay (U Gambira’s mother) was not arrested, but she was there when her son was arrested and she insisted that she should be brought together with her son. That’s why she was brought to police station where U Gambira was official charged and remanded. (more…)

Myanmar Government’s lies about Rakhines and agent provocateurs’ Genocide

October 6, 2012

But Myanmar Government’s lies about Rakhine Conflict are stupidly sound untruthful and the murders committed by Rakhines and agent provocateurs are clearly seen as Genocide by the FREE WORLD.


Statement of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar By Tomás Ojea Quintana

August 5, 2012

I am concerned, however, at the allegations I have received of serious human rights violations committed as part of measures to restore law and order.  These include the excessive use of force by security and police personnel, arbitrary arrest and detention, killings, the denial of due process guarantees and the use of torture in places of detention.  While I am in no position to be able to verify these allegations at this point in time, they are of grave concern. It is therefore of fundamental importance to clearly establish what has happened in Rakhine State and to ensure accountability.  Reconciliation will not be possible without this, and exaggerations and distortions will fill the vacuum to further fuel distrust and tensions between communities.  Therefore, I join the calls of others for an independent and credible investigation into these allegations of human rights violations as a matter of urgency.  And I offer my assistance in this regard.