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Increasing insecurity in Myanmar

October 22, 2013

Increasing insecurity in Myanmar By Yola Verbruggen, Guest Contributor – 21 October 2013

5 Billboard in Hpa-an, Kayin State, Myanmar

The recent bombings in Myanmar have increased insecurity. People fear an unknown perpetrator with an unknown agenda. There is a lot of speculation. Are the perpetrators frustrated ethnic minorities, radical Buddhists, Muslim extremists or are elements from the government behind the attacks? One thing is certain, the bombings pose yet another threat to peace in Myanmar.


UN must act to stop human rights abuses in Myanmar

May 1, 2013

South China Moring Post ကေတာ႔ ၿပတ္တယ္။ လက္႐ွိၿမန္မာနုိင္ငံအေၿခအေနက R2P နဲ႔ ကုိက္ညီေနပါတယ္တဲ႔။ ေရးသူက University of Hong Kong ကProfessor Ian Holliday တဲ႔။ Indeed, it is now clear that the UN doctrine of a “responsibility to protect” must come into play. This so-called R2P is triggered by genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. In Myanmar, firm evidence of all four crimes is now available.

UN must act to stop human rights abuses in Myanmar

Ian Holliday says atrocities against minority Muslims are a blot on the nation’s progress


A collection of good links chosen by Dr. Zarni

April 23, 2013

Maung Zarni shared a collection of good links:

OIC to Take Burma Persecution to UN

April 1, 2013

OIC to Take Burma Persecution to UN

The OIC plans to take the issue of attacks against Muslims in Burma to the United Nations. March 31, 2013

CAIRO – A global Muslim body is planning to take the issue of persecution of Muslims in Buddhist-majority Burma to the United Nations to help stop continuing attacks against the minority.
“The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) intends to raise the issue in the Security Council and the Human Rights Council to find a solution that contributes to putting an end to religious persecution against Muslims in Burma,” an OIC official told Arab News on Sunday, March 31.

Thein Sein a man of war, not peace

January 18, 2013

On April 22, Myanmar President Thein Sein will be honored by the International Crisis Group (ICG) as the recipient of this year’s “In Pursuit of Peace, Prosperity and the Presidency Award” at a gala dinner in New York City.

The award is given to recognize and “celebrate inspirational figures whose visionary leadership has transformed the lives of millions and brought forth the promise of a world free of conflict”. ICG said Myanmar, also known as Burma, is being rewarded for

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