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Unruly lines between Myanmar and China

February 11, 2013

Source: China’s history in Myanmar: Unruly lines

THE border between Yunnan province and northern Myanmar (formerly Burma) has always been porous. To the people who live in the region, the border is a crooked mark on other people’s maps, an arbitrary boundary snaking its way 2,400 kilometres through rugged and wild terrain. The authorities in Beijing have seen the same land as a lawless borderland, a place to be controlled.


The Southeast Asian highlanders’ Art of Not Being Governed By Ruth Hammond

September 6, 2011

Source: The Battle Over Zomia By Ruth Hammond in The Chronicle Review

A woman of the Akha people goes off to harvest coffee berries in northern Thailand.

Scholars are enchanted by the notion of this anarchistic region in Asia. But how real is it?