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My time radio, my grandchild iPad

July 20, 2011

When I was born, there was a radio only in our house.

At the teenage my father bought a jeep, Dodge truck and Chevrolete truck.

When my father bought a tape recorder and installed a phone at that time, we
were looked-up by our neighbours.

Tape recorder Grundig TK125 de Luxe

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We have no TV, Video, VCR, VCD, DVD, Internet, Computer, hand-phone etc at that time.

Now my 1yr 1 mt old grandchild asked for iPad once she wake up and she knows how to switch on and play Mickey from YouTube.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

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My English teacher, Joyce Win @ Nwe Yin Win

November 12, 2009

Source of picture hereJoyce                                              

My English teacher in the 1st. MBBS Jr and Sr classes at the Medical University in Mandalay.

She was a DJ of Myanmar Radio, English system.

She is a famous singer, both English and Burmese songs.

She had even acted in a Burmese movie.

She had even visited our house on one Eid. As she had no transport, I had to go and called her with our Jeep.

Actually, Daw Nwe Yin Win was the first person who arouses my interest in Malaysia. After the SEAP Games in Rangoon, she got a Malaysian badge and she had given me as a present.