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Open letter to our Myanmar friends to help stopping racial riots

April 16, 2012

Dear Bama Buddhist friends,

                                        Please just kindly look at Indians and Chinese in Malaysia. They speak their own Indian & Chinese languages and even go to their respective schools. They read their own newspapers, watch their respective TV, Video, movies etc.

In contrast to them, if you look at Myanmar Muslims: we speak, read, wear and behave as Myanmars and tried to assimilate ourselves into the mainstream population.


Bigot General Ne Win’s anti-Muslim/Indian/Chinese xenophobic policy guidline speech Vs General Aung San’s promise to them

December 22, 2011

Bigot General Ne Win‘s anti-Muslim/Indian/Chinese xenophobic policy guidline speech Vs General Aung San‘s promise to them.

And U Razak was virtually tricked by his colleagues.

Whether Majourity or minority or an individual only i.e. even if ONE citizen alone, IN TRUE DEMOCRACY, ALL have equal rights. If we get EQUAL RIGHTS only, we will be happy, all will satisfy and there may be lasting piece. We need to practice MARITOCRACY.

We felt that we, Burmese Muslims were persuaded or tricked to call ourselves Myanmar. So we regarded or enlisted as Race=Myanmar, Religion Islam and became Myanmar (Burmese) Muslims. But Gen Ne Win started an anti-Islam campaign by calling us Kalas, Kala dein, Hybrids, Mi Ma sit Pha Masit although he was same as us and conceiled (many knew but scared to reveal) that he was a Burmese-Chinese Hybride or Ka Pyar.


There are only good or bad persons, religion is not the criterion, humanity is

November 14, 2011

It’s a disabled man’s fight against the disability that exists in the world—terrorism, hatred, fighting …

“My Name is Khan” is also about Islam and the way the world looks at Islam but we are not taking any sides.

  1. We are only trying to say that there are only good people and bad people.
  2. There are no good Hindus, bad Hindus, good Christians, bad Christians.
  3. Either you are a good person or a bad person.
  4. Religion is not the criterion, humanity is.”

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