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Malacca’s China made monorail and cheap Korean nuclear reactors

December 12, 2010


What am I to complaint if former world’s highest intelligence quotient record holder feels happy with an ordinary life?

October 10, 2010

Source_The Star:Life in the high IQ lane By HWANG JURIE

Former whiz kid feels happy with ordinary life despite media expectations.

SEOUL: What will people think of 16-month-old wonder child Jonathon Rader, able to play various musical instruments, if he decides not to pursue a career as a musician?

The answer seems to be “a failure” when hearing the story from Kim Ung-yong, a 48-year-old record holder for the world’s highest intelligence quotient, in an interview with The Korea Herald.

I was famous for having a 210 IQ and being able to solve intricate math equations at the age of four, Kim said. “Apparently, the media belittled the fact that I chose to work in a business planning department at Chungbuk Development Corporation.”