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As U Thein sein Government is bias against Muslims and there is rise of Buddhist Terrorism, Muslims of Myanmar need UNSC to invoke R 2 P

November 16, 2013

Instead of OIC…Actually, international peace-keeping forces like the ones in Kosovo would be more helpful in preventing further violence. (I took the idea from Dr David Law, who had experience in serving the US Military Medical Group in Kosovo at that time.

Yesterday’s at the Anti-OIC protest the Monks were given FREE HAND by Thein Sein‘s Government in contrast to the heavy handed handling of Anti-Copper-mine protest shows that the Myanmar Government is practicing double standard. And when we look at the arrest and two years’ sentence on a Muslim who took out the 969 sticker from the parked motor-bike compared to uninhibited protest by Monks insulting Islam, U Thein Sein Government is not neutral but bias. In addition to that, around the last Edd few Buddhist Terrorists were caught plotting to incite Anti-Muslim Riots by bombing of Shwedagone and other pagodas. Yesterday Rakhine Buddhist Terrorists were caught with ammunition to bomb Masjids. …As Bama Buddhists and Rakhine Buddhists are also against OIC…it is best to provoke R 2 P at UNSC.


Find heart in your home, you’ll have home in your heart (migrant story and song)

September 6, 2009

There is a beautiful song by Ilir Shaqiri, a Kosovar Albanian singer, that captures the immense joy and comfort of finding home in a foreign land better than any other songs I’ve known.

My comment sent to the author of this article_

Thank you very much for this lovely article.  Although I am in Malaysia for about two dozens of years, I still love Burma/Myanmar. Muslims suffered there from some racial and religious discrimination but now I know that there are discriminations everywhere.

You are right. If we go and stay in other country and meet our citizens from different races and religions, we could forge a stronger tie between us. As a foreigner here I felt the same thing as you have suggested. Whether they are Buddhists, Christians, Hindu or Muslims, I feel happy when I see the patients from Myanmar. Whether they are Burman, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Rakhine, Shan, Mon or mixed blooded Burmese-Chinese or Burmese Indians is not important for me. I love to speak with them and try to help them happily .