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Modern Six “Blind” former world leaders and the Myanmar White Elephant

November 22, 2013

FB of Dr. Maung Zarni

In the old well-known Indian tale, there are 6 blind Brahmins – did I just make that number up? quite possibly – feeling the elephant and trying to describe what it is, in whole.Now Burma attracts countless number of the latter-day blind Brahmins – from Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Katherine Ashton to fresh-out-of-college boys and girls who may have deferred their college loan payments.They have all figured our problems out, within 36-hrs of their arrival!


Happy Deepavali or Happy Dewali – Updated

October 16, 2009

Diwali Greetings

“Diwali is the celebration of the Hindu new year which is celebrated all over the world. This piece wishes everyone warm wishes for the Hindu new year and the common new year holiday coming up soon.” Designed by Smita Upadhye from New Zealand.

  1. Posting article Source_Star: Hindus celebrate victory of good over evil By BAVANI M

DEEPAVALI is an auspicious festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world. It is popularly known as the Festival of Lights, because when literally translated, the word Deepavali means ‘rows of lighted lamps.’

To the Tamilians, the festival is a celebration of good over evil and light over darkness. It commemorates the day Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura.

To the Jain community, Deepavali is celebrated as a New Year’s Day. Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, attained Nirvana on Deepavali day.

For the Gujaratis, Deepavali is a five-day celebration starting with Dhanteras — a day for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. And for the Sikhs, Deepavali is celebrated to mark the return of the sixth Guru to Amritsar in 1620 who was imprisoned by Emperor Jahangir.