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We are migrants and mixed blooded people, so what?

October 5, 2009

We are migrants and mixed blooded people, so what? Who are the real first original pure-blooded people. There is no such thing or people in this world. More than 99.99% of  the world are migrants and mixed blooded. The remaining 0.01 just pretending or wrongly thought that they were original pure-blooded superior race.

UN and the whole world should pressure the Japan and Korea to accept migrant workers and should reprimand Brunei and OPEC Arab nations to nationalize the migrants and to give citizens to them.

We were discriminated as a mixed-blooded person and because we were from the minority religious group. Once migrated here, our hope was crashed by another round of discrimination again. We are called Burmese or Myanmar and even denied the facilities enjoyed by other foreigners e.g. Americans, Japanese, British, EU citizens, Arabs, Taiwanese, Hong Kong people, Commonwealth countries, OIC e.t.c. Our hope of early assimilation with the majority Malay Muslims was dashed cruelly by the concept of Malay-Indon brotherhood.

At first I thought that I had made a wrong decision by choosing Malaysia instead of migrating to more democratized Christian countries like USA, England, Australia e.t.c… Easily accepting as Permanent Residence and getting the citizenship easily because of incorrupt Public Servants and Transparent Rules and Regulations just lead to the misconception that they are better. Actually after that, there is no more progress because there is an invisible glass ceiling above the migrants especially if they are non-Christians and specifically if they are Muslims. My wife’s aunts from Perth, Australia told me that just because some of the Chinese Muslims visited them during the Eid, their neighbours threw plastic packets of shit in front of their portico.