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ABIM sent Memo to UN through MOFA Malaysia (Wisma Putra)

April 9, 2013

Memo Myanmar ke Wisma Putra

MEMORANDUM : Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) to United Nations was sent again to Wisma Putra or MOFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia.

I hereby attached the picture of their discussion and hand over memo to Foreign Ministry specifically to Mr Khairi Omar Undersecretary Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam & Oceania Division.

They are trying to pressure Malaysia NOT to repeat the same mistake at UN like this.

Why did Malaysia, Brunei and many Muslim countries vote against this UNGA resolution?


Flowers of Myanmar with the months they bloom

April 4, 2011

Source:Seasonal Flowers of Myanmar, Myanmar’s Internet

Myanmar has a moderate climate and is also rich in different species of flowers.

Here are some of the flowers found in Myanmar.

Myanmar Name : Pone Nyat Pann
English Name : Alexiandrian Laurel

Myanmar Name : Pein Pann
English Name : Anthurium

Myanmar Name : May Myo Pann
English Name : Aster

Myanmar Name : Thaw Ka Pann
English Name : Blossom from Queen of flowering tree.


Happy Myanmar New Year with Padauk ပိ ေတာက္ ပန္း and Ngu Wah ငု၀ါ

April 4, 2011

Padauk ပိ ေတာက္ ပန္း

Taken from Rector, Professor Dr Than Wins’s FB 

This flower usually blooms at Thingyan (Myanmar Water Festival) or around Thingyan. The time is in April of each year. It has a yellow color. It is also known as Thingyan Flower. It gives sweet smells and a favourite for the Thingyan lovers.

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