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Clever Daw Suu hitting the pride of Kaisu Singaporeans

October 5, 2013

Clever Daw Suu hitting the pride of Kaisu Singaporeans

Upon being briefed that Singapore’s education system was “workforce-oriented”, Suu Kyi, 68, said: “That made me think, what is work all about? What are human beings for? What are human lives about?”

Her departing words shook Singaporeans who had been led to believe in the superiority of the Singaporean development model for less developed countries.

“I think we have much to offer you, come and find out,” Suu Kyi said.

“Perhaps Singapore could learn from us on how to have a more relaxed way of life.”


We should rather believe the US Ambassador and ignore the venomous LKY’s rebuttal on insulting Islam

September 6, 2011

Source: Mr Lee refutes US cable leaked by WikiLeaks, my paper  Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew yesterday refuted a leaked United States Embassy cable which reported that he had described Islam as a “venomous religion”.

In a statement issued by his press secretary, Ms Yeong Yoon Ying, he said: “This is false.”

Mr Lee said that nowhere in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes “does it record me describing Islam as ‘venomous’, nor did I say anything which could have given that impression”.


Singapore spirit blows hot and cold

December 11, 2010
Quadrilingual warning sign in Singapore. The t...

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Source_Star: Singapore spirit blows hot and cold. Insight Down South By SEAH CHIANG NEE

If Singaporeans fear they will one day be overwhelmed by migrants in their own land, the statement from a minister that Singapore is not a country, leaves them even more uncertain.

IN THE midst of a historical demographic change, Singapore’s hard-headed government seems less inclined nowadays to talk about national identity than it once was.