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Diversity is our great wealth

December 22, 2010
Marina Mahathir, daughter of Mahathir Mohamad

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Malaysian Muslims need to travel more, even within the Muslim world just to see its diversity. Muslims all over the world have just as many different cultures and traditions as they do similarities.
What does plurality mean? It just means that we are not homogenous, that we have many different streams among our people, whether it’s ethnic makeup, beliefs or opinions.Being plural is just a statement of fact, not a judgement call on which of these streams are better than the other.

TDM is a genius speaker; we need to learn reading between the lines

December 1, 2010

NONEDear TDM, you are a genius in talking politics. Most of the Malaysians sometimes even failed to read between the lines of your speech. After reading to what TDM said, if you read between the lines, you can begin to see what Tun really meant! We sometimes need to try to understand what is meant by Tun, something that is not spoken explicitly or openly or directly but with the hidden agenda. Don’t ever think everything you read or heard literally. Learn to read between the lines of Tun’s words_ Dr M: Forget our roots if we want to achieve 1Malaysia by Hazlan Zakaria. After then, read the comments below from those who DO NOT understand TDM’s wise words.