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Indonesian prison riot sparked by rapes of Rohingya inmate

April 10, 2013

Indonesian prison riot sparked by rapes of Rohingya inmate By HANNA HINDSTROM : 10 April 2013

Illegal migrants from Burma stand at the gate of an immigration detention centre in Medan in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province on 5 April 2013. (Reuters)

Buddhist, Muslims from Myanmar clash in Indonesia

April 5, 2013

I am sorry to read this news. This could be avoided IF the Myanmar government control the Hate Speeches, stop any violence committed by anyone and punish the culprits irrespective of race and religion. Even now they have arrested the two owners of Gold Shop. Yes give them fair trial and punish BUT arrest those looters and destroyers of their shop. Give enough compensation to them as the Police fail to protect their property.

And 4 Muslims who allegedly KILL a monk were arrested. Give fair TRIAL. If they could prove SELF DEFENCE, release them. HOW about Wira Thu standing infront of the Madrasa, asking the teenage Muslim children to pray and bow down. Forty three of those who refused were beheaded and burnt to death. Arrest Wira Thu or the responsible MONK. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE INSULT ON ISLAMIC FAITH.

If the Monk could not be trace, ARREST the POLICE CHIEFS of Meikhtila Township and District and Mandalay Division Police Chief for FAILURE to prevent the killings in front of their subordinated. This is COMMAND Responsibility. Charge them in court if U Thein is a fair minded leader. If not U Thein Sein should be held responsible for all the killings.

MEDAN, North Sumatra (AP)Buddhist and Muslim asylum seekers from Myanmar brawled with rocks and knives on Friday at an….READ ALL HERE @ Buddhist, Muslims from Myanmar clash in Indonesia