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NUS probing tweets with confidential patient info

April 21, 2013

NUS probing tweets with confidential patient info

THE National University of Singa­pore’s (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine said that it is investigating tweets containing confidential patient information which caused an uproar after a screenshot was posted online.

The two tweets, posted on April 7 from a final year medical student’s Twitter account, had information about a patient’s pregnancy and abortion history, including a line “Don’t even wna look at this patient”.


We could learn more as a House Officer than as a Medical Student

March 8, 2012

It is better to increase the Houseman period to TWO years. When compare to just listening the lectures and reading alone, practical training and SUPERVISED practice would definitely equipt the Myanmar young doctors with useful skills. Dear HE PTK please think about this option. Med Students need not spend parents’ money for another 1 yr. They do not need to wait another yr to become a dr. And could earn salary and experience.


IQ, EQ, examan results and candidates’ reactions

June 10, 2011

Passing all the fields of Medical Examinations depends on:
The student’s IQ & EQ. IQ is OK but sub standard EQ of some is the problem.

[More than 99% of students’ IQs are up to the standard but most of the students are distracted by drugs, liquor, gambling, women and others, may be called inadequate EQ or Emotional intelligence. (a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself)]

Dr. Than Naing Oo : Memoirs of Twenty Padauk Blooms Past

October 9, 2010
Thingyan celebration in Yangon

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An article Dr. Than Naing Oo (IM1, 1987) wrote in 2007 that was published in Annals of AMIM and was posted in FB before too. Just adding some photos.

Still, becoming a government employed doctor did not guarantee that you would get a chance for further study no matter how hardworking you were. Nepotism was rampant at the postgraduate selection committee. Many of my brilliant sayas (young demonstrators) in various medical school departments were bypassed in favor of children of the big shots during the selection process.


Teaching at Anatomy Department of IMM, now Mandalay Medical University

December 19, 2009

My friend, Dr Min Nyan was on the left, near the microscopes. He had kindly sent these photos through Forensic Surgeon (Police Surgeon) Dr Ko Ko Gyi (10) (not in this picture. My RN was 9. ) Centre was Dr Than Win, now O&G Professor and Rector of our university. We all are old Peterised or from St. Peter’s High School. (Now No. 9 BEHS). I was on his left. The pic was taken in the main dissecting hall where we dissect the formalinized cadavers.