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A better place for their children, why it is not Malaysia?

December 7, 2010

Source_MInsider: A better place for their children, not Malaysia By Melissa Chi

  1. First-class education system,
  2. a corruption-free government,
  3. zero tolerance on racism
  4. and the basic skill to communicate properly

are all on one Malaysian’s mind when he chooses to work in Australia.


It is wrong if we dare not do the right things

September 19, 2010

It may be a biggest mistake if we dare not do the right things because of fear of repercussions or scared that something may turn wrong and never support or do wrong.

In Burmese, “Ma Loke-Ma Shoke-Ma Pyoke.”

Sometimes, we should be brave enough to face the possible failures if we want success. We need to have courage to turn failures into pillars of success.

If we run away or avoid examinations or sports tournaments or competitions because we are scared, how could we pass the exams, get degrees or become champs?