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“Thein Sein is no Gorbachev!” FRANCE 24: THE INTERVIEW – U Win Tin

April 17, 2013

Maung Zarni wrote>>> “Thein Sein is no Gorbachev!”

Here is a must-watch 11 minutes-interview with NLD Co-founder Win Tin

1) “Myanmar Spring has no flowers”. People would say there is no real change at all.

2) “Aung San Suu Kyi has not changed in terms of her democratic thinking. But she is playing politics.

3) NLD isn’t really making compromises. Because there is nothing the military offers us to compromise on. ASSK is collaborating with it very much.


My uncle Gorbachev

April 2, 2011
Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev in the Whit...

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Some people may thought that I am crazy if they know that I had shed tears when he was removed. I felt as if I lost my uncle. I had also just lost my father at that time.

Yes, two of my respect best friends on the FB thought that  they thought I was crazy to be on the other side of history by siting this : “Gorbachev the Traitor” 17 March 2011, By Boris Kagarlitsky written in the Moscow Times.