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Hoping for the ASEAN UNION, rather than disintegrating into smaller states

July 14, 2012

I hope and pray that this would never happen to our beloved Myanmar.

But I am worried that the present Myanmar Government led by U Thein Sein, Myanmar Tatmadaw, Daw Suu led NLD and most of the Myanmar people need to learn more about the concepts of Democracy, Human Rights, Equal Rights, Federalism, Minority Rights, Responsibilities of Majority, Rights of Minority Ethnic Groups, Rights of Minority Religious Groups, Concepts of Preventing Genocide, Hate Speeches, Racial Profiling, Derogatory Name calling etc.


Minority rights

December 19, 2010
Minority Rights Group logo

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Source: Minority rights From Wikipedia

The term Minority Rights embodies two separate concepts: first, normal individual rights as applied to members of racial, ethnic, class, religious, linguistic or sexual minorities, and second, collective rights accorded to minority groups. The term may also apply simply to individual rights of anyone who is not part of a majority decision.

Civil rights movements often seek to ensure that individual rights are not denied on the basis of membership in a minority group.

There are many political bodies which also feature minority group rights. This might be seen in affirmative action quotas, or in guaranteed minority representation in a consociational state.