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Inability to ‘switch off’ causes burnouts, say experts

October 7, 2013

So I switched off from patients and INTERNET once out of clinic…i.e. rest for 12 hrs, after working 12 hrs every day…No hand-phone. Just watch TV, exercise, play with grandchildren, sleep, bath, shaving, eating…etc.

I like the saying, “Change of work is rest”…So day time while seeing pts…I switched to do Human Rights Campaign for Muslims from Myanmar. This allowed me to work 12 hr a day, 7 days per week and 363 days per year for 37 yrs…non stop. By the way my off days R one day each for Eids or Hari Raya days. But I have even worked on the evening and night duties on the eves and on the Eid or Ray days when I was young.


Mobile Deal in Myanmar Elicits Anger Over Religion

June 28, 2013

Mobile Deal in Myanmar Elicits Anger Over Religion By   June 27, 2013

The Myanmar government awarded major telecommunications contracts to two foreign companies on Thursday, a milestone in the country’s opening up to the world that was immediately tainted by religious hatred.

World Twitter Logo.Hours after the announcement, a monk who is one of the leaders of a radical nationalist Buddhist movement called for a boycott of one of the two companies because it is based in Qatar, a Muslim country.“Did the government have such little choice?” the monk, Ashin Wimala, a leader of the 969 movement, said in a telephone interview after the government announced the winners late Thursday. “Why did they award this to a Muslim company?”


My childhood experiences and childish thoughts

January 27, 2013
View-Master reels from a German Karl May-movie...

View-Master reels from a German Karl May-movie. Picture made by uploader. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was OUR time in Kalaw Southern Shan State of Burma during late 50’s and early 60’s. There was no TV, Video, Recorder, CD, VCD, Internet, Mobile phone, very rare almost luxurious fixed telephone lines…this View-Master my father bought for us was a wonder for us.View-Master is the trademark name of a line of special-format stereoscopes and corresponding View-Master “reels”, which are thin cardboard disks containing seven stereoscopic 3-D pairs of small color photographs on film.
Apart from movies at cinemas where we went and see once in few months, we sit around the fireplace (quite cold so we need to have a fire place for about 9 months per year).
We have to wait and listen the BBS radio broadcasts of Sein Aung Min, Shwe Man Tin Maung and modern plays.