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Is failure to give antiviral for Chickenpox at a clinic a medical crime?

November 23, 2011

I went to the wedding of my friend’s daughter and called a locum. Because the locum dr failed to give antiviral for Chickenpox, there was a complaint to MMC. Is MMC going to take action or start investigations on all the government clinics and hospitals in Malaysia which fail to prescribe anti-viral? Once started investigation you could unearth all the irregularities like THOUSANDS of doctors, Malaysians and foreigners with APC to work in one place working locum in another unauthorized places.


The proposed 1M’sia health plan is based on ineffective and failing NHS-UK model

May 10, 2011
Second Life: National Health Service (UK):

Image by rosefirerising via Flickr

I am just sharing this interesting letter in MKini by Drs Steven Chow & Ng Swee Choon (members of the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations Malaysia): “Referendum badly needed on 1M’sia health plan”. I hope and pray that MOH & MMC officials would refrain from attacking this messenger.

We read with great interest and agreement, the article by Dr HT Ong and others ‘1Care outpatient scheme – middlemen didahulukan?‘, on the planned 1Malaysia Healthcare transformation reported in Star May, 24.