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100 year anniversary of Myanmar Chinese Muslim’s “PANTHAY Masjid” in Mogyoke

February 19, 2011

         ‎100 year anniversary of Myanmar Chinese Muslim‘s PANTHAY Masjid” in Mogok would be held on March 28 2011                                 


Myanmar Chinese Muslims have their own masjids in Mandalay since 1850+ and in Mogok later. So it is already 100-150 years old now. They R the original Muslims from Hui. Here in Malaysia, Chinese Muslims R converted from Han. One great con…vert HAN Chinese Muslim Religious leader (Ustaz from PERKIM, Malaysia) once wrote that he and the Malaysian Chinese Muslims R superior than ORIGINAL Chinese Muslims from China because they are HANS but not Huis!

May be he forgot or NEVER UNDERSTAND the Farewell Sermon (Arabic: خطبة الوداع, Khuṭbatu l-Wadā), also known as the Prophet’s Final Sermon or The Last Sermon, was delivered by Muhammad on 9 Dhu al-Hijjah, 10 AH (632) in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat (in Mecca, seventy-two days before his death, at the end of his final pilgrimage.