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Burmese Pauper princess in India

July 27, 2011

Title: Pauper princess. Author: Shameem Akthar, Ratnagiri
Publication: Outlook. Date: October 12, 1998

What did the fey Burmese princess Fayas brood over as she paced before the bare house built by her Indian husband? Did she reflect over the vanished glory of her father Teeba, last king of Upper Burma who, despite being a prisoner of the British, lived here regally, displaying a generosity that bordered on extravagance? Did she wonder if her munificence would shove her only daughter Baisubai ‘Tutu’ into a morass of poverty? But Tutu,  gnarled with age-an estimated 105 years-is gifted with a stubborn, death-thwarting life force. And so she sits rheumy-eyed in her shed-house, awaiting the Grim Reaper.


Burmese king’s palace in India gets makeover

February 11, 2011

 The Times of India

 Source: Indiatimes through Moe Makha:
  1. Burmese king’s palace gets makeover 
  2. Burmese king’s palace gets makeover
MUMBAI: The state government has planned a major makeover for the palace in which the last king of Burma, King Theba(w), stayed during the latter half of his life. The historic palace is situated in the heart of Ratnagiri. The palace was set up by the British to house King Theba(w) and his family, who were exiled after the British conquered Burma (now Myanmar). (more…)