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Myanmar: Old atrocity, new implications

October 31, 2012

Asia Time Online - Daily NewsMyanmar: Old atrocity, new implications By Bertil Lintner

YANGON – An atrocity committed 20 years ago by an armed opposition student group continues to haunt Myanmar, a bloody purge that could have far-reaching consequences for segments of the country’s pro-democracy movement, their foreign backers and the new quasi-civilian incarnation of the former military-run regime.


Bone-brittling Sound at ABSDF committed by Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung

January 14, 2012

How Student Leader Ko Tun Aung Kyaw & comrades were inhumanely killed by ABSDF Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung at KIA field, Burma

Source: FB of Lin Htein on Saturday, January 14, 2012

Note: My comment: I changed or corrected the heading. It should be Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung. (Ronald Aung Naing ABSDF NB and Dr Naing Aung HQ, who fought with Ko MTZun. Naing Aung came to NB to get support from Ronald Aung Naing, so although he witness the atrocities, he kept his mouth shut. So he may be at least responsible for the Command responsibility see Wiki 

Bone-brittling Sound  at ABSDF (North)

First    of all, let me pass my sincere greeting to all student  comrades of    ADSDF (North) who, with all their hearts, set at your camp  the flag  with   the fighting peacock emblem. This is a New Year for all  of us.  Happy   New Year to all my comrades!