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Halal food in Beijing

July 21, 2011

Source:MInsider article,”Makanan halal di Beijing” by Uthaya Sankar SB translated by Gogle.

Uthaya, Izan, Jasmine and Fadzillah no problems finding halal food restaurant in Beijing.BEIJING, July 21 –

Muslims who travel to Beijing, China should not worry about thinking of getting guaranteed delicious food and halal.

Muslims in China keep their faith

January 23, 2011
The Niujie Mosque (Chinese: 牛街清真寺; pinyin: niú...

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Source_ The Staronline & IslamiCity :Muslims in China keep their faith

The Muslim community is thriving in China as the younger generation carry on the religion.

ISLAM has evolved into the second largest religion in China. Its rich heritage can be traced back to Muslim diplomats and merchants from Persia who spread the religion to the territories between 630AD and 751AD during the Tang Dynasty. In 651AD, Tang Emperor Li Shimin received an envoy sent by Caliph Uthman and this was followed by 16 more official visits by delegations from the Umayyad Caliphate in the next century.


Muslims in China- Past and Present Part 2

November 28, 2010

Source: Muslims in China- Past and Present Part 2 By Ethar El-Katatney Professional Journalist & Contributor to Egypt Today Magazine – Egypt

Throughout 1400 years, Muslims in China have gone through many ups and downs, until they reached the state of “harmony” with non-Muslims Chinese.

China__3Muslims in China began as traders and soldiers in the 7th century, therefore instilling in the early Muslim settlers a sense of belonging and legitimacy; they were not a burden on the country, but valuable contributors.

It was only in the 13th century, however, after the Mongols conquered China, that these Muslims who were classified as “foreign guests” were allowed to live wherever they chose and were granted full citizenship.