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Edit war in Wikipedia that I had givenup in disgust

January 6, 2013

Following is the WIKI EDIT war, I had given up with disgust @ Talk:Maha Bandula

The IDIOT wrote>Will people please write something with real english and proper grammar, and not kindergarten mindset? I find that some people will write all the issues they want on any topic they find relevant. Why not create a proper page, with proper styling and refercing, rather than deface this one about a famous Burmese general?



August 7, 2012

KingAnyone could SHARE or translate (edit or roughly) into Myanmar or other language or made into audio file  in Burmese as a speech like Martin Luther King.

MYANMAR MINORITIES HAVE A DREAM not unlike the American Dream

I hereby revised my article first published in Burma Digest and my blog, “Opening Heart on Equal Rights for All Ethnicities” which is actually Burmanized the famous, “I Have A Dream” speech given by Martin Luther King in the August 1963.

On the 12th February 1947, all of the Ethnic groups of Burma (now called Myanmar) had a dream to form the Union of Burma with the signing of the Panglon Agreement.

But their dreams changed to a dreadful nightmare under the successive Military rulers up to the present Myanmar Government. (more…)