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Obama urges Myanmar to stop violence against Muslims

May 21, 2013

Obama urges Myanmar to stop violence against Muslims

Malaysian Muslims are still suffering from Pre/Post GE 13 fever…Shamelessly shutting their mouths….Do you think that SHOUTING against Israel, supporting Palestinians and HELPING the BOSNIA refugees only is ENOUGH for your Islamic Faiths?

My lecture to President Obama

May 21, 2011
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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MY LECTURE TO OBAMA: Wikileaks revealed that the Palestines had compromised. If the other side refused to compromise because they R strong and USA continue to support them, do not CRY if the aggreived persons attack USA. Afterall if we use back George Bush’s words, if U R not with us, Muslims…..I hope U could understand the Muslims’ anti-USA feelings and backlash.

Dear President: Please do not continue to follow the politics of your successive US Presidents: Demagogy or gaining political power by using nationalist, populist or religious themes (EVEN not of your country or your religion)