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I remember my grandma when I see the Kun-ya or the betel leaves chewed together with the areca nut

December 8, 2009


Photo : Dr Syah, my son-in-law.  I was just holding Ferrero Rocher as if I was trying to cut the Kun thee (Areca nut). Sorry, Syah was trying his new camera, going to the car service centre and I was also rushing to the clinic. No time to plan thoroughly.

UPDATE: Kun Thees put in the photo by Min Min’s creativity.

တံတားဦး က ကြမ္းႏုဝါ၊

ငျမာ က ေဆး၊
ကြမ္းသီးေတာင္ငူရယ္ ႏွင့္၊

ျပည္ရွား၊ သာဝါးလို႕ေထြး။